FREE Webinar for Romance Writers!

Mark your calendar!
In response to several industry opportunities for underrepresented authors to apply for mentorships and to submit to traditional publishers without an agent, UCLA Extension has generously agreed to offer a completely free webinar to ANY author interested in learning the essentials of romance novel submissions. On September 8, 2019, at 12 noon PST, I’ll be teaching a one-hour fully online course that is 100% free and open to all authors (but we specifically hope to reach underrepresented voices) on the following:
*How to write a query letter, with a template and examples
*How to condense an entire story to a 3-5 page synopsis
*Strategies for writing that first chapter so it sets up the novel for success
*Formatting the manuscript (including some self-editing tips)
Registration will be required but the course is 100% free. (UCLA is donating the infrastructure and I’m donating my time and materials. 100% free!)
Please feel free to share the link below and help us support the #romancecommunity!

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