Helpful Hashtags for Writers

Autumn red leaf with cut heart in a hand

#Romancelandia is all around! 


If you’re researching the writing community, you may not know where to start. And if you’re an introvert, you may prefer to lurk and learn, rather than engage and participate. Whatever your goals are, I recommend a few incredibly helpful hashtags to follow on social media.

1. #MSWL

MSWL is short for Manuscript Wish List. MS is the common shorthand abbreviation for “manuscript” and the talented folks at MSWL have put together a resource for authors that is available both on their website as well as via # on social media.

The website compiles the “wish list” (or the types of manuscripts an acquiring agent or editor would like to see) of agents and editors who have submitted information.

Check out the full website when you’re ready to consider the best market for your completed work:

If you’re on social media, you can follow the #MSWL to see what agents and editors have said they are interested and how recently the posted.

So for example, your dream agent may have posted about zombies back 2013, but by 2017 was totally over zombies. Keep checking back, though, because every trend seems to cycle back in and then out again.  I predict by 2021, zombies will be hot again. (Not actually, they’ll still be dead, so probably cold. But you get what I mean!)


2) #Romancelandia and #WritingCommunity

As much a happy place as hashtag, #Romancelandia is a hashtag that will keep you informed about everything romance. From news to scandals (and oh, how we have scandals in romance!), #Romancelandia is part seeing friends and all the fun stuff they are up to, part social/cultural/professional information.

Likewise, #WritingCommunity is geared toward writers of all genres and might include anything from true community building and engagement (Come say hi!) to polls about habits and tools.


And always reliable are #AmWriting, #AmReading, and #AmEditing.


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