Writing Romance 101–The Class!

On February 19, I taught a sold-out class at the nation’s only romantic bookstore, The Ripped Bodice. The store itself is an inspiration. Founded by passionate readers dedicated to the romance genre, The Ripped Bodice is a crowdfunding success story–a community space where books are cherished and diversity and positivity are celebrated.

The room was sunny, warm, and full of welcoming faces interested in hearing not only about some of the basics of publishing and self-publishing, but to talk about practical, technical writing skills. Plot, conflict, character development, self-editing tips, writing sex scenes that sizzle… we laughed while we learned even though the room was too packed for me to set up my beloved teaching aid: the chalkboard! (Next time… I have a minor chalkboard addiction…)

If you’re in Southern California and would like to attend a class, The Ripped Bodice has invited me back for not only more 101-level courses, but also to teach advanced Romance Writing classes and genre-specific master classes.

Check back here for dates and specifics, or visit The Ripped Bodice. The Ripped Bodice

Let me know if you would like to see a particular class or topic covered in depth. Right now, we’re working on scheduling paranormal and GLBTQ-specific romance writing classes, but the sky is the limit. I’d love to hear your ideas and meet you for some practical writing instruction in a relaxed and supportive setting.

Thank you, The Ripped Bodice, for all you contribute to the reading community!



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