Book covers are like makeup, clothing, window dressing, and landscaping… and then some.

Have you thought about how the size of your title compared to the size of your name will impact the cover? Do you want to promote your brand (your name) or draw attention to an element of the title that might catch a reader’s eye?

Obviously a cover should look professionally designed. Image quality, fonts, colors–the composition and balance of the elements of the cover all impact how the reader perceives your book… and may mean the difference between a reader buying your book and  passing it over.

When you look at the covers you like, what stands out to you? Like a strong piece of writing, a good cover conveys not only genre, but tone and style. Look at each cover above. What would you expect from the book inside?

Whether you’re designing your own or working with a professional designer, understanding the basics of art, design, and marketing will help you convey a message that will intrigue and engage readers.

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